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Bungalow at Karla, Lonavala

About project

This Bungalow project is located at Karla, surrounded by green landscape and breathtaking mountain views of Lonavala. Taking advantage of outstanding site location & pleasant climatic conditions, maintaining natural comfort condition internally when occupied, throughout the year was the initial challenge. Design process and strategies are optimized in order to take full advantage of the passive design principles, solar shading, efficient building envelope, natural ventilation, maximum daylight, onsite renewable and comfort conditions in the long run all by responsive architectural design.

Design Evolution

Conceptual 3d form

Schematic design development

Schematic design development

External Shading & Solar Exposure analysis

Daylight and Envelope Optimization

Thermal Performance and Glazing Optimization

Solar panel optimum position analysis

Full Year Solar Tracking Analysis

Glare, Vertical & Horizontal fins optimization

Daylight levels calculation for optimum natural light

Preliminary Render view 1

Preliminary Render view 2

Preliminary Render view 3

Preliminary Render view 4

Preliminary Render view 5

Construction Photo from site

Construction Photo from site

Construction Photo from site

Construction Photo from site